Why Electrical Troubleshooting At A Phoenix Home Can Be Dangerous

electrical troubleshooting phoenixIt’s always tempting for a homeowner to attempt to fix as many things as possible themselves. But, when it comes to electrical troubleshooting in Phoenix, making the decision to fix anything related to the electrical system can be down right dangerous. In fact, several homeowners have experienced fatal injuries simply by trying to find out the source of an electrical problem on their property.

Four Reasons To Have An Experienced Electrical Contractor Troubleshoot Electric Problems

First – Electrical Equipment Is Precise

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you decided to try and troubleshoot an electrical problem at home. And let’s assume that you found a wire that needed to be replaced. The question that you must ask yourself is: “what type of wire do you use?” The truth is that there are several different gauges, sizes, strength, capacity and other factors that determine what type of materials you need to complete electrical repairs. And unless you’ve completed significant electrical training and you are 100% positive about the right materials to be used, you simply shouldn’t attempt to repair anything.

Second – Electrical Repair And Troubleshooting Is Precise

Another reason to have only certified electricians attempt electrical troubleshooting in Phoenix is due to the fact that electrical systems are highly complex and precise systems. Many homeowners can determine common household issues, such as a plumbing system issue, a ventilation system or HVAC system issue and even some landscaping problems. However, electricity is highly complex and without the proper training of precise procedures to protect against electrical shock, it’s not smart to attempt to troubleshoot or repair any electrical issues inside or outside of the home.

Third – Electrical Work Requires Specific Tools

Unlike trying to work on your car with a pair of vice-grips, working on electrical issues requires the right tool for the right job. If you closely look at any electrician work on your home, you’ll quickly discover that they have a ton of tools at their disposal. The reason for this is that every stage of the electrical system requires certain specialty tools to be used. There are several specific reasons for this including:

  • Safety: many electrical tools are insulated or manufactured in such a way to protect the user from potential shock
  • Ease of Use: electrical equipment is often in very tight areas, and installed in hard to reach locations. So several of the specialty tools used help the electrician get the job done easier.

Finally – Electricians Understand the Big Picture

In order for somebody to become a licensed electrician in the State of Arizona, they need to complete a very intensive training process. This includes years of apprenticeship, training, education and on-the-job training from experienced electricians. The reason this process is difficult is that electricians must have the ability to see the big picture. Proper installation, safety, materials and procedures must be followed to achieve success.

As tempting as it may be, under no circumstances should any homeowner attempt repair or electrical troubleshooting in Phoenix. If you are having any electrical issues, it’s always best to contact a professional and experienced licensed electrical contractor to safely inspect and repair all residential electrical issues.

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David Haynes

Dave Haynes, owner of Accel Electric, a Phoenix based electrical service company known for cutting edge approaches to home electrical needs. As a family-owned business, David stresses quality service with schedule flexibility. He strives to hire the most qualified and respectful technicians who are familiar with the specific electrical requirements of the Phoenix area. David is currently a Master Electrician and is certified by International Association of Electrical Inspectors. If you live in the greater Phoenix metro area and desire a qualified technician for all your domestic electrical needs, call David Haynes at Accel Electric - 602-861-9559 today or send an email.

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