Swimming Pool Lights in Phoenix Help Increase Safety

swimming pool lightsSince the weather can reach 100 degrees on a daily basis for the majority of summer in Phoenix, many homeowners with swimming pools choose to do their outdoor swimming in the evening hours. However, this often comes with a bit of risk – especially when there is not enough light installed inside or surrounding the swimming area. In fact, it’s estimated that simply by installing swimming pool lights in Phoenix, you can reduce the potential for in and outside pool accidents by as much as 80 percent.

Four Points To Consider When Upgrading Your Swimming Pool Lighting In Phoenix

First – How Do Pool Lights Increase Safety?

Swimming pool lighting is designed to illuminate the entire area around a swimming pool. This includes common areas that tend to lead to most poolside accidents include the edge of the swimming pool, walkways around the swimming pool, ladders exiting the swimming pool, patio furniture around the pool and the entire swimming area itself. Swimming pool lights in Phoenix are traditionally embedded into the walls of the pool during construction. There are several new lights, such as floating lighting or outdoor patio lighting, used to illuminate the swimming area.

Second – What Are The Safety Regulations To Ensure Electricity Is Safe Around Pools?

Back in 1968, the National Electrical Code (NEC) spent some time looking into adding swimming pools to their standard regulations for electrical safety. To ensure the swimming pool lighting is safe, they mandated that any lighting installed inside a pool would be encapsulated with epoxy putty that is waterproof and would completely seal the lighting. However, before adding any swimming pool lighting in Phoenix, it is recommended that you contact an experienced electrical contractor that has completed this type of work in the past.

Pool lights are designed for use inside swimming pools. Under no circumstances should pool lights be installed outside.

Third – What Safety Precautions Should Be Followed To Install Swimming Pool Lighting In Phoenix?

No matter what type of swimming pool lighting you’d like to install, the fact remains that code enforcement insists that all swimming pool lighting needs to be completed by a certified and licensed electrical contractor. However, protect yourself and anybody that will swim inside your pool by going the extra mile. Make sure that any electrical contractor you work with has extensive experience in working with swimming pool lighting in Phoenix.

Fourth – What other Type of Lighting Can Increase Pool Safety?

The key to proper illumination, regardless of the location, is quality not quantity. However, in swimming pool areas, most accidents occur outside of the actual pool such as the deck, patio or edges. For this reason, the best way to increase safety around a swimming pool is to ensure you have great outdoor lighting that will properly illuminate your entire swimming area. Consider speaking with an experienced outdoor landscaping lighting expert about affordable and effective ways of increasing the lighting around your pool area.

The most important way to reduce accidents around or inside swimming pools at night is to ensure there is proper illumination. Before you make any changes or consider installing any additional swimming pool lights in Phoenix, make sure to contact an experienced contractor to ensure the job is handled correctly.

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