Certified Pool & Spa Circuit Electrician in Phoenix Scottsdale AZ

Luxury home with swimming poolMany Phoenix area home owners have a pool or spa in their backyards. One of the most critical components that power these relaxing systems is the proper electrical circuits and panels installed to keep these units functioning correctly and safe every day. And when Phoenix Valley commercial tenants and home owners have a need for any type of pool or spa circuit installation or maintenance they contact Accel Electric to complete the job – on time.

Accel Electric has become a leader in the greater Phoenix Valley in the electrical industry. For over 20 years our family owned and operated electrical service company provides quality electrical services for both residential and commercial customers. The needs and desires of our customers is a primary concern for our team. This includes the pool and spa circuits we sell and install on a daily basis.

As we noted above, the principal component of your pool or spa is the control pack which consists of the full mechanical and electrical system of your spa. Control pack components comprise of several important elements designed to keep the pool functional and clean including:

  • The heating element
  • The water pump
  • The blower for spa applications
  • And the controller/circuit board

All of these components working together and properly powered are essential in ensuring your pool and spa’s proper function. Accel electric technicians are fully knowledgeable of install, repair, and replacement of these control packs and all components involved. This is where Accel Electric steps in to provide you with the best electrical services for any pool or spa project you wish to undertake.

This includes an easy, three-step process.

First – We set up a Discovery Meeting

Accel Electric would be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you to meet with one our licensed technicians so we can diagnosis any issues you may be experiencing with your pool and spa circuits. As a part of this first meeting we will also discuss option for replacement in the event of a circuit failure once our technicians have figured out the issue. After we’ve discussed all options, we will provide you with a written no obligation estimate to repair your problem.

Second – Repair and Order Parts in Needed

Once you have approved our estimate most repairs to spa circuits can be completed same day. In the event specialty parts need to be ordered, or a replacement of a unit our office staff will contact you to inform of when your service can be scheduled.

Third – Proper Follow Up

At Accel Electric, the job doesn’t end when the power switch is turned on. In fact, one of our greatest attributes is our dedication to quality craftsmanship. This includes checking in with you right after the job is complete to ensure you are not experiencing any problems and that you are completely satisfied with the quality of our work.

Accel Electric offers worry free, up-front prices for your peace of mind. We charge by the actual job – not the hour. The price you are quoted is the price you pay – period. If you have any questions about the pool and spa circuit products and installation services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to serving you soon.