Home Electrical Safety Checklist for Phoenix Home Owners

ChecklistDid you know that there were over 1,000 electric related injuries that occurred in Phoenix area homes in 2013? But the shocking statistic is that over 90% of these injuries could have been avoided simply by instigating a few important home electrical safety programs.

A Phoenix Homeowner’s Basic Electrical Safety Checklist

Item #1 – Know how to use and located all Fuses and Circuit Breakers

The first item on any electrical checklist is to have a good understanding of the specific electrical system inside your Phoenix home. For most houses, this begins and ends with knowing the location and activation of the circuit breaker and fuse locations. The circuit breaker is designed to be a safety device to stop the flow of electrical currents if a circuit becomes overloaded for any purpose. This is why the first thing any Phoenix homeowner should do is to know the location and operation of the circuit breaker system.

Item #2 – Check all Outlets and Electrical Switches Annually

Another great item to be included on any safety checklist is to annually inspect all your electrical outlets and switches for cracks or damage. There are three specific things to inspect:

  • Make sure they are not cracked
  • Ensure that they are not hot to the touch
  • Make sure that they are not discolored

If you notice that any outlets or electrical switches show these warning signs, contact a dependable electrician as soon as possible to replace the outlets or switches.

Item #3 – Check all Power Cords

Just like inspecting your electrical outlets and switches, you should also inspect all power cords for any damage. Specifically, you should make sure that they are not cracked or frayed in any way. Power cords should not be placed under carpets, rugs, under furniture or any other locations that have very little ventilation. You should also make sure that your electrical cords are not attached to any surface by staples or nails, as this can cause a short circuit situation.

Item #4 – Make Sure You Use Extension Cords Correctly

A common misunderstanding is that extension cords can be a long-term solution to a common electrical situation. However, the truth is that extension cords should only be a temporary solution. Plus, extension cords when overloaded can cause fires to occur. You should also only use three-prong extension cords.

Item #5 – Make sure to inspect power strips frequently

Another simple item that should be included on any electrical checklist for Phoenix homeowners is to inspect your power strips. You should make sure that like outlets, they don’t show signs of frays, additional heat or other warning signs. However, you should also make sure that any power strip you use only operates items that will not overload the power strip.

These five items are ones that should be included in any home electrical safety checklist. And believe it or not, simply following these safety rules can significantly reduce your chances of having an electrical accident inside your Phoenix area home.



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