Five Keys to Energy Efficient Scottsdale Lighting Designs

Scottsdale Lighting DesignsIt’s a fundamental fact that the majority of homeowners in Arizona actively search for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. With energy rates increasing every year, and fewer homeowners having disposable income, it’s becoming more critical than ever to streamline the cost of owning a home. One way Arizona homeowners are accomplishing this step is by integrating energy efficiency into their Scottsdale lighting designs.

5 keys for completing lighting designs in Scottsdale

Key #1 – Remember: Light Quality is better than Quantity

More is not always better – especially when it comes to lighting a home in Arizona. If you talk with professional electricians and home décor experts, they will always tell you that the quality of the light you are using to illuminate a home is more important than the amount of lights used. This is why the first step of any lighting design is to plan to integrate quality lighting options into your indoor and outdoor Scottsdale lighting designs.

Key #2 – Consider the Function of the Lighting

It’s also critical to consider what the lighting will be used for any lighting design program. Different rooms and areas of a home have different needs. There are two primary types of lighting functions to consider:

  • Task lighting: the lighting inside a room or space designed to assist with a task such as being able to see, read, and occupy the space.
  • Ambient Lighting: the lighting is used to create a certain feel or emotional response.

When you plan your Scottsdale lighting design, always start with choosing your task lighting options first. If at all possible, try to choose energy efficient and multiple application lighting packages that can serve as both task and ambient lighting. Many new LED lighting control panels and light fixtures can accomplish this step.

Key #3 – Maximize Natural Lighting

Another critical key to remember when planning your Scottsdale lighting designs is to factor in the use of natural lighting. Whether it’s installing transparent window shades or even considering using skylights, there are many ways you can bring natural sunlight into a room without compromising the traditional trade-off of increased indoor temperature.

Key #4 – Always Use Energy Efficient Materials

Planning where and how to locate your lighting will provide you with the first few steps; however, in order to truly maximize your energy efficiency you’ll have to use the best materials possible. Here are a few tips as provided by the US Department of Energy:

  • Install fluorescent or LED light fixtures for all ceiling- and wall-mounted fixtures that will be on for more than 2 hours each day, such as kitchen and living room, bathroom, hallway, and other higher-demand locations.
  • Use CFLs or LEDs in portable lighting fixtures that are operated for more than 2 hours a day.
  • Use ENERGY STAR® labeled lighting fixtures.

Key #5 – Incorporate Light Wall Colors to Minimize the Need for Additional Lighting

The final key to remember is to consider the surroundings for each room. One way to keep a room well lit is to choose light color tones on each wall inside a room. Not only will these walls naturally brighten up a room, but they also can help reduce the temperature inside a room, as light colors tend to reflect heat.

If you consider each of these important 5 keys to creating energy efficient in your Scottsdale lighting design, you’ll be several steps closer to saving money while also creating a stimulating lighting décor inside and outside your home.

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