Accent Lighting – Adding the Right Touch to Your Phoenix Home Lighting

Accent lighting in Phoenix – With highly functional task lighting, spaces like the laundry room are brightly lit so that you can see the whites versus the darks. However, such bright light does not create a soft mood or add drama; for this you choose accent lightings.

Accent the mood with wall dimming options

First stop in creating mood and accent around the Phoenix home is to incorporate wall dimmers to light fixtures, including ceiling mounts and chandeliers. This approach is very commonplace and gives you options to fully accentuate the room or produce softer more gentle lighting.

Emphasize artwork and wall hangings with accent lights

Adding a wall mounted museum light or picture light is an excellent way to accent fine artwork; two sconces positioned on each side of the painting will also add emphasize. This can be done with any wall hanging: mirrors frames are nice to accent.

Living room: downlights can emphasize an area

For Phoenix social areas such as the living room you can both soften lighting and gently accentuate an area. For example, adding a couple of down lights in the ceiling over a living room sofa, toned down with dimming options, can cast gentle pools of light. This can accentuate the focus to this area while providing spillover light to the walls and washing the whole room with pleasant light.

Accentuate and decorate a kid’s room with string lighting

For kids rooms in Phoenix string lighting can create wonderful accent to a nicely decorated bedroom. You can buy them in shapes and themes such as: submarines, cars, hearts, stars and more. Not only will this add a nice accent and touch; colorful lights can be used at night for children afraid of sleeping in complete darkness.