5 Tips for Proper Bathroom Vanity Light Installation

bathroom vanity light installationA common do-it-yourself project completed in homes across Arizona is upgrading the bathroom. Whether it’s a full-remodeling job or simply completing bathroom vanity light installation, the key to ensuring it’s done right is to follow a system designed to produce quality results every time.

Five Tips For Light Installation Is Done Right – The First Time

Tip #1 – Create A Plan Of Attack

Here are a few things that should be included in your plan of attack:

  • Establish a solid budget. The first step in making sure your vanity light project goes off without a hitch is to determine how much of a budget you actually have to complete the job.
  • Create a list of potential ideas. Visit a showroom, a few model homes or search online for some creative ideas to give you a starting point of how to design your bathroom lighting.
  • Gather all appropriate tools, and discover any electrical needs. If your bathroom vanity light installation project requires any electrical work to be completed, contact a professional to do this work.

Tip #2 – Begin The Process With Maximizing Lighting

Lighting from general bathroom lighting has been shown to create shadows on your face. So a great tip to maximize your vanity lighting is to flank your bathroom vanity mirror with lights on the left and right hand side or a horizontal vanity light on top.

Tip #3 – Ensure Proper Placement Of Your Vanity Lighting

Just as critical as making sure you have the right lighting in place for your bathroom vanity installation project is making sure you place it in the appropriate location. A great tip for vanity lighting on the sides of your mirror is to mount your fixture about 28-30 inches apart and at least 60 inches from the floor. This will place the brightest part of light on the center of your face. If you have placed a light on top of the vanity mirror, make sure it’s at least 78 inches above the floor.

Tip #4 – Consider Using Natural Lighting Effects

Our hair, face, make-up and clothing are always best presented in daylight. Therefore, why not try to emulate this type of lighting inside your bathroom? There are a few ways to accomplish this effect:

  • First, use lighting fixtures with front, clear or some sort of white shade.
  • Second, only use light bulbs that will render colors inside the bathroom. For example, if you use incandescent bulbs it needs to have a white color (such as cool white or warm white) while LED lighting should also have a cool temperature range (between 2700 – 3000K).

Tip #5 – Layer The Lighting

The final tip in creating an effective and energy efficient bathroom vanity lighting project is to layer your lighting. Here are a few tips:

  • First, install a dimmer switch to control the intensity of the vanity lighting.
  • Second, find a decorative fixture for the ceiling light that will enhance the ‘mood’ of the bathroom. Mini-Chandeliers come in perfect for this step.
  • Add a small lamp on the bathroom countertop (if you have additional room).

The purpose of bathroom vanity lighting installation is to provide you with an efficient and comfortable setting to prepare for the day or an evening out. So make sure you follow these important steps to maximize your efforts and create a vanity that fits your budget and personality best.

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David Haynes

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